Our Services


Maintenance is critical to ensure optimum functionality of mechanical devices. This includes checking for wear and tear, corrosion, undue stresses, proper operation of operators, actuators, feedback switches, etc…MPF has certified Technicians that are available to support with field inspections, commissioning of new equipment, troubleshooting or repairing existing equipment. It is recommended to function equipment immediately after unloading to verify operation and to any other basic adjustments prior to system installation.

As a general rule; it is recommended to cycle any damper in service at least once every 30 days.

Project Management

We typically assign a 2–5-person team to oversee projects depending upon overall complexity. This includes Project Managers, Sales Engineers, Inside Sales, Technical Support, and other customer service members. We manage the approval drawing process, material procurement, production tracking, invoicing, logistics, etc. We strive to provide complete transparency.

Spare Parts

MPF recommends having critical spare parts readily available at all times. A detailed spare parts list is provided for all orders and specifies OEM part numbers and descriptions. We offer stocking/maintaining spare part inventories at our facilities if desired.

CNC Machining

MPF Has a Fully Integrated CNC Machine Shop with Skilled Machinist. We Design and Manufacture All of Own Bracketry and Drive Components. We Follow ISO 5211 Industry Standards, but also Offer Customized Designs and Remote Linkage Kits. We Will Support In The Design Process or match Existing Designs Provided by our Clients