Dampers are an essential component to regulate air flow in a duct system. Whether it is required to modulate, shut off, bypass, relieve excess or dangerous pressure or just used for balancing.

Round Butterfly Dampers

MPF fabricates many different styles of custom butterfly dampers. We design, engineer and fabricate dampers to meet each project's specific requirements to assure dependable, repetitive, low maintenance operation. Butterfly dampers are available in sizes from 4 inches in diameter up to 10 feet in diameter. Square and rectangular butterfly dampers are also available as well.

Round Damper Round Oven Damper Round High Temp Damper Round Damper

Butterfly Dampers can be constructed from just about any weldable alloy and for almost any temperature range. Construction of Butterfly damper bodies, blades, shafts and shaft bearings will vary depending on the design requirements or preferences of the customer. MPF can provide many seat configurations that range from a swing thru to a bubble tight rubber seated design.

MPF manufactures butterfly 3 way tee damper assemblies in custom configurations for most any application and to meet all customer design requirements.

Rectangular Multi-Blade Dampers

MPF specializes in galvanized, aluminized and stainless steel industrial multi-blade dampers. We custom design and build these to your requirements based upon design conditions. The two basic designs are opposed blade and parallel blade. Opposed blade is ideal for manual balancing dampers and modulation control dampers. Parallel blade is more suited for shut down applications (tight shut-off) and fan inlet dampers.

Rectangular Multi Blade Damper Rectangular Multi Blade Damper

Most damper frames are made from formed sheet steel usually 12 GA or 10 GA but for heavy duty applications structural channel members or structural angle flanges welded to heavy plate can be used. Bearings can be bronze pressed in frame, external bronze sleeve bolted to frame, flanged ball bearings, carbon graphite bearings and just about any other bearing your particular project would require. Blades can be airfoil or triple v style or per your specific requirement. Blade jamb and edge seals can be added for tight shutoff applications.

Wafer Style Valve/Dampers

MPF designs and manufactures high temperature/high pressure wafer valve/dampers for use in exhaust or intake systems or where you otherwise need heavy duty air control with piping flanges.

Inlet Vane Damper

Inlet Vane Dampers

MPF can build fan inlet vane dampers suited for your application and pressure requirements. Inlet vane dampers also provide pre-spin of the air into the fan. Starting the fan while the damper is in the closed position allows for a low power startup.